All The Way To Paris

Please Wait to be Seated

Mimesis Wall Mirror by All The Way To Paris for Please Wait to be Seated. We look for the right angle, take a perspective, engage in reflection. It’s the door to another world. Mimesis is an ancient Greek term that touches on the aesthetics of imitation and mimicry, and the tension between appearance and reality. Mimesis is also said to be the “soul” of an artwork. With its strong, clear lines the Mimesis mirror frames an asymmetrical image of its surroundings, and becomes a reflected decoration on your wall.

Materials: Powder-coated steel.
Available Colors: Ash grey, Basque red

H 27.56 in. x W 16.93 in. x D 3.35 in.
H 70 cm x W 43 cm x D 8.5 cm

LEADTIME Most PWtbS products are made-to-order with a lead time of 5-6 weeks.