Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini

Clessidra Hourglass, designed by Paolo Venini and Fulvio Bianconi for Venini. The Clessidra is perfectly balanced between two different colors. Designers captured the time and shaped it in the form of Clessidra. The two different colored glasses are fitted together using the Incalmo technique. This hourglass is hand made with blown glass. If you are searching for a surprise gift for your loved ones, then this will be a great choice! This will definitely make happy to whom you give this. Also, this is best for placing in our bedroom, hall areas, etc for time management and also to increase the charm of the room too. The combination of colors used gives extra beauty to the product and also the place where it is placed. New Clessidra includes two versions shown as available. Used for both indoor and outdoor. 


Diam 10 cm x H 25 cm
Diam 3.93" x H 9.84"

Diam 14 cm x H 30 cm
Diam 5.51" x H 11.81"

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