DUPLEX is pleased to present DS-2011 HARLEQUIN, a collection of upholstered seating developed by PIN–UP HOME in collaboration with de Sede, the renowned Swiss producer of hand-crafted leather furniture.

The DS-2011 HARLEQUIN collection consists of four pieces: two two- seater sofas, an armchair, and an ottoman.

PIN–UP HOME’s DS-2011 HARLEQUIN collection is based on a de Sede classic: the DS-2011, a two-seater sofa first launched in 1983. Each panel of the DS-2011 HARLEQUIN edition is produced in a different color: green, blue, pink, yellow, or white. The multi-chromaticity of the DS-2011 HARLEQUIN takes inspiration from brightly painted Roman sculpture and the color experiments by Swiss architect Le Corbusier, as well as the vivid palettes of artists like Johannes Itten, Sarah Morris, and Peter Halley.


The special HARLEQUIN edition emphasizes de Sede’s signature craftsmanship, using color to highlight the soft lines and the construction of the hand-stitched leather panels, complete with de Sede’s signature visible stitching.

The relatively compact form makes the DS-2011 HARLEQUIN collection especially suited for smaller spaces.

The campaign for PIN–UP HOME’s DS-2011 HARLEQUIN collection was photographed in the Swiss alps near Gstaad by London-based photographer Francesco Nazardo.