Claesson Koivisto Rune


Campo Rug designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Tacchini. Ancient wisdom and contemporary spirit weave together in this collection of carpets, hand weaved by skilled artisans. The yarn is fixed to the loom to create a longitudinal warp on which, working from the bottom towards the top, a weave of horizontal strings is woven. To create the thickness of the carpet, the fiber is enveloped around a special beam during the weaving and then cut in order to guarantee a uniform thickness. This ancient technique is used to create an aesthetic motif which is concentrated on two extremities. The wide central surface has a warm and neutral tonality, while the opposite borders have a strong and contrasting color. Moreover Campo is weaved with a mix of many shades, to create an even more lively and precious chromatic effect. Fleece 100% Himalayan wool, cotton weave. Handmade with loom in Nepal (Handloom technique). 

Additional Information: 

Materials: Himalayan wool and cotton weave 
Finish: Natural and blue  
Available other size options: W. 400 x D. 300cm 
Available Finishes: Natural and orange and Natural and green


W. 300 x D. 200cm
W. 118.12 x D.78.75 in

LEAD TIME: Most Tacchini products need a lead time of 7-8 weeks.