Supernatural, Magical, Wonderful and Sparkling describe the Bosa world: surprising, precious, and filled with special objects and domestic talismans. Bosa has its foundations In a corner of the Venetian countryside, with an enchanting hilly skyline and babbling mountain brooks, Borso del Grappa echoes the name of its highest and most noble mountaintop. The local ceramic culture encounters the cosmopolitan spirit of Venice through with Asolo's pioneering attention to innovation. The three-dimensional surfaces, metallic finishes, sophisticated colour palettes and graphic motifs that become vases, small furnishing accessories, and dinnerware sets, are the result of constant research and evolution. Bosa pioneers designer stars including Jayme Hayon, Nika Zupanc, Sam Baron, Elena Salmistraro, Pepa Reverter, Riccardo Schweizer.

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